Virtual DJ Did It Again New 2021 Stems Update - OMG!

Updated: Sep 14

Virtual DJ 2021 Update

One of the leading DJ programs around the world has just released a major update. The software wanted to give DJs and producers the ability to create better mixes for patrons.

This leads Virtual DJ to add a unique stems feature into their application. This feature was a prime pitch point for Izotope Rx 7 and a few other plugins.

At the moment we cannot state whether Virtual DJs quality is better than its competitors, but we can state theirs do it in real time.

What Is the Stems Feature?

This gives you the ability to take any prerecorded song in your DJ collection and allow you the option to remove the vocals, drums or instruments from the track. As stated, Virtual DJ does this in real time.

How to Use

The feature can be accessed by using the mouse on your computer. In addition, you can use the pads on your favorite controller to also command this feature.

Please note that your device has to be fully compatible with virtual DJ.

We hope other software like Serato DJ, Traktor and Rekord Box just name a few will implement this in their software. A video has been embedded to show you how effective this feature is. I hope you will try this feature if you are a Virtual DJ User.

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