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Recording A Dj Mix

How To Record Your Dj Set

To record a Dj Set can be as easy as pressing the record button in Serato. In fact, Its actually the easiest way. But some times the easiest is not always the best. I only use that short cut when I am in a rush or just want to make a mock up mix before the major one.

I have been making mixtapes for dj purposes for over 20 years. Over that period of time I have recorded on cassettes, cds and now computers. Computers I must say has made it so easier for us to craft out our musical story to tell the world.

How & What I Use To Record My Set

Now-a-days I record all my DJ Set in a daw, Studio One or Ableton are my Daws Of Preference. I find that it helps me to place the listener in the mood I intend them to be . If at first the mix does not create that experience after I listen to it, I then have the ability to rearrange the tracks how I want them.

This method saves time. Why?, If I record in serato dj or virtual dj and made a error it limits me to correct that mistake. One might consider this method to be cheating but I assure you its not.

In Final, Everyone puts out their best work. I make a lot of mixtapes for clients, Not every track will sound perfect, they might also have an issue with volume or effects I use. You see if I do a one track recording it dampens me to make a change. on the other hand, if I record using my daw on a multi track I am able to correct the issue easily.

So yes why I consider it to be the best and and easiest way to record a Dj Mix.

I have Placed a video below showing you My Step By Step process in how I do so.

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