The Best Podcast Microphone (2020)

The Best Podcast Microphones

Podcast 2020

Currently, Podcasting is one of the leading trends for the future. The revenue for the industry now is over 1 billion. USD and will triple that figure in the next couple of years.

Start A Podcast

If you are considering starting a Podcast, Now is the best time. The involvement of significant streaming platforms like Spotify, who has begun to invest so much in podcasts, will increase profits.

They say if it were easy, everyone would do it, Well honestly, it is not so easy at all. The market has gain success. As a result, The Podcasting game is becoming very saturated. Experts say there is still hope for the amateur podcasters to stand out.

It shows most people want to listen to a podcast with perfect quality. Most Podcast with more talk over audio entertains their listeners more, creating a more substantial audience. To achieve this, we recommend getting the right microphones to do the job.

The Shure SM7B

The Shure SM7B is an excellent dynamic microphone for Podcasting. The cost is USD 399.00, which makes it very affordable for someone just starting. It has a solid construction which makes it very durable.

It is suitable for small or large podcasts as it blocks out unwanted noises easily.

Shure SM 7B

Rode Podmic

The Rode Podmic is very cost-effective. The price is USD 99.99, which most podcasters think its a steal for the quality you will be receiving. The build quality of the device is all metal. The audio is very war and crisp; this will give you the perfect audio tone for your Podcast.

Rode Podmic

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