Great Mac Apps 2022

There are thousands of application that are created mac books each year, some are great while others are garbage. I have a few apps that are a must have, they will save you a lot of time when trying to get task done. Most of these apps have a free version which can get the job done.

Copy Clip

This app keeps a track of your last 10 copied items, this is great if your are write a blog post, book or copying folders, tracks and photos. This is one of the greatest app on my mac book.


Searching for stuff on your computer can sometimes be a tedious process. Alfred is similar to spotlight that comes installed on your mac, the only difference is Alfred has a lot more stuff to offer. You can search for items on your computer and also on the web, this is a must have app for your mac.

Hidden Me

Another must have app for mac is hidden me.the desktop is the fastest way to store an item, if you are someone that has a lot of items on your desktop you can use this app temporary hide them.

Drop Zone

Have you ever been on your computer and find something that you never remember you had or been searching for while, drop zone solves this problem. When installed you can temporary drop items in your drop zone for safe keeping and easy access.

App Cleaner

One of the most frustrating task is trying to uninstall an application on your mac that does not come with a uninstaller. This must have app is awesome for all creators to get the job done. It removes the apps and all the small items associated with it that can cause your mac book to run slow, App cleaner is a free app. Count Down Trying to stay on top of your game ? countdown enables you to set timers that will help you to stay focus and not spend too much time on one task. Perfect App for time management.

These are very Great Mac Apps 2022

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