How I Use Side Chain For My DJ Mix In Ableton

How I Use Side Chain For My DJ Mix In Ableton

Firstly, I have been a DJ for years but wish I had know About Side Chaining, I started making mixtapes on cassettes then moved on to cds and finally I am now in the digital age. I would always have to remake a mixtape when it did not come out to my liking. For instance, The microphone was recorded too loud, the sound fx sounded like crap and I can go on and on, how I wished I had ableton side chaining at that time.

Also, I remember one day I had to provide a mix to some promoters for a once in a life time gig. The dead line was one month ahead, I was a teenager at that time with a Bunch of stuff to do. You know big stuff like playing video games and trying to chase girls. I knew how good I was at making mixes so I said to myself, self, you have all the time in the world, and self replied "you are the best" . another big Mistake.

Jim Rohn once said "A problem takes up the time allowed for it". That simply means if I was told that I was to make the mix in one hour I would have gotten it Done. Long story short, I waited to make the mix the day before the deadline. Once the mix was finished I listened the tape and holy crap the sound effects were over powering the music like a truck horn on a easy Sunday morning.

I had to think fast, and I came up with an Idea. I would use the boss 303 sampler and anytime I would press and effect I would either click the talk over switch on the mixer or lower the channel fader. I listened the tape after and was surely impressed, Wallah! Saved by the Idea Gods, The mixtape was perfect and I got the gig. But learned never to wait until the last minute.

Ableton Sidechaining


what is Ableton Sidechaining

Whether you are recording vocals or making beats the side chain feature can be really useful. It is available in daws such as ableton, pro tools, reaper,logic and just about every Daw Out There. I use it when making a mixtape and want to lower the music when I press a sample effect. Also, whenever I am doing a commercial advertisement I always use the side chain to create a simple ducking effect.

Lastly, In my youtube video I show briefly how I use the side chain feature in ableton to enhance my mixtapes.

I hope this post and my video will help you on your journey on producing good content. Thanks for reading and watching and remember to subscribe to my email list for future updates. Also follow me on Instragram and Soundcloud.

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